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RV Timeshare VS Fractional Ownership

Have you ever even heard of an RV timeshare or RV fractional ownership? Probably not since these are new concepts in the RV industry. There are several companies out there that offer RV timeshares and some that offer fractional ownership in RV's. CoachShare offers fractional ownership in luxury RV's. We put this guide together to show you the differences between a timeshare and fractional ownership in an RV.

What are the main differences between a RV timeshare and RV fractional ownership?
Although both a RV timeshare and RV fractional ownership involve shared ownership of a coach, there are several key differences you should know about:

  • With fractional ownership you and the other owners actually own title to the coach; therefore it is safe, secure ownership.
  • With fractional ownership you have a short term commitment of only three years; with most timeshares you are committed for a lifetime.
  • With fractional ownership you receive cash back at the end of the three year ownership period.
  • With fractional ownership you have a small group of other owners in the coach with you; with timeshares you may be competing with 80, 800 or 8,000 other owners to get the time you want.
  • With fractional ownership you get the same coach every time you travel, unlike in most timeshares where you get a fleet vehicle.
  • With fractional ownership you receive a much higher level of service and better quality product that is kept to the highest standards.
  • >> Click here to learn more about fractional ownership

How long has the RV fractional ownership concept been around?
Although it is a fairly new concept for most coach shoppers RV fractional ownership has been around for several years. CoachShare is a leader in RV fractional ownership and is the only company to partner with Monaco Coach as an Authorized Representative for the fractional coach market. The concept of fractional ownership of luxury travel products such as private jets, yachts, sports cars, houseboats, vacation homes and condos has been around for decades.

Who should I buy a RV fractional ownership?
RV fractional ownership is a great solution for the large majority of people considering coach ownership. According to a recent study by the University of Michigan most RV owners only use their coach 21 days each year. The rest of the year it sits idle, costing the owner money every month on storage fees, insurance, DMV fees, and of course the huge depreciation in value of the coach even if you aren't using it. CoachShare offers a carefree solution to families, empty-nesters, and retirees who don't want to tie up a lot of cash in an RV they only plan on using a few weeks each year. Plus, we take care of all the details because we manage and maintain your RV for you.

What is included?
Nearly everything is included so you can enjoy a carefree RV vacation. CoachShare's management program takes care of the cleaning, maintenance, storage, repairs and upkeep of the coach. In addition, the coach is delivered to your home when you are ready to use it and picked up when you are finished. The coach comes with every amenity and all the items you would normally need to purchase on your own. CoachShare has spared no expense and has added almost every additional feature including a King sized bed, washer/dryer, satellite radio and TV, fine dishware, cookware, BBQ, outdoor furniture, and much more. We even monogram your own personal set of towels and sheets, for your family's personal use, and of course we take care of the laundry when you are finished your trip.

How long do I own the RV timeshare or RV fractional ownership?
The CoachShare fractional ownership program is unlike a traditional timeshare because it only lasts three years. This way you are not locked in for a lifetime of ownership. After three years, CoachShare sells the coach and sends you a check for your share. No other timeshare we have ever heard of sends you cash back after your ownership period ends. At the end of the program, you then have the freedom to get into another coach with CoachShare, purchase your own, or use your cash for other vacation options.

What are the benefits of RV fractional ownership?
There are many benefits of RV fractional ownership, but here are just a few:
• Save an average of 76% - 80% when compared to private ownership
• No Hassle: CoachShare takes care of storage, maintenance, cleaning, and more.
• Home delivery and pick-up
• Convenient scheduling, book a weekend or a three week vacation
• No long term commitment
• Cash back at the end of the program
• Luxury Class A coaches
>> Click here to learn more about the benefits of fractional ownership

How does scheduling work? How will I know I get the time I want?
Our flexible scheduling system, which provides fair and equitable access to all owners, is one of the fractional program’s most important features. We consistently achieve a high level of customer scheduling satisfaction. Owners can schedule their usage in weekly increments throughout the year in single weeks or multiple consecutive weeks. And, you can choose to start your vacation any day of the week. There are several key elements that provide scheduling flexibility. There are very large differences between timeshares and fractional programs resulting in significantly higher satisfaction levels with fractional ownership.

• In the fractional coach ownership program there is a small group of 8 owners compared to thousands for the typical timeshare program.

• CoachShare only sells 40 weeks per year of usage leaving 12 weeks for scheduling flexibility, maintenance, and delivery. Timeshares typically sell 51 weeks per year leaving no time for scheduling flexibility.

• The Interchange Program provides an opportunity to access time in other coaches, both locally and nationally, that are similar to your own. This expands your options. If your coach is booked, other coaches are checked for availability.

• CoachShare always has unsold shares in inventory. These shares provide additional weeks that supplement the 52 weeks in your coach.

• Our clients are comprised primarily of families with school age children, empty nesters, and retirees. These three groups have complementary travel patterns that result in travel requests spread throughout the year. Thus we don't run into the "High Season" scheduling challenge that typically exists in fixed location timeshares. In addition, the coach is a mobile asset that moves into “Prime Time Locations” according to the season. Winter in the desert is equally as appealing as summer in the mountains or beach.

• Our track record to date has resulted in a very high satisfaction level with regard to scheduling. It is our objective to maintain or improve this satisfaction level as we expand the fleet

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